Lodging options

1. Schools and colleges

This is the cheapest option and the one that Unicon 18 team will directly managed. The people who chose this option will stay in Amara Berri School, 50 meters from the Unicon City.

In the school may spend the night groups of approximately 15 persons. The idea is that each participant chooses with whom he/she wants to stay and we will distribute the rooms by clubs, teams or families.

The school will have breakfast service in the dining area. Also, there will have showers. The schools did not have training or leisure areas; the Unicon City will have spaces intended for that. Schools and colleges are only intended to provide a rest area for participants.

The school will have Security Company 24 hours and only the people who stay in the school are allow to get inside, to provide security.

The participants can go with their unicycles inside the school but the school doesn´t have a parking space for cars, so the people who need to park have to park in another place.

* We have approximately 500 spaces and will be reserve by order of registration.

2. Camper Area

The camper area is connected directly with the Unicon City by a bridge, you only you need about five minutes to access it.

This option is only available for participants attending the event in a camper van or motorhome; it is not possible to camp with a tent in this area.

* We have capacity for 50 vehicles and will be reserve by order of registration.

4. Hotels, hostels and cottages

There are infinite possibilities for accommodations in the city of Donostia / San Sebastian, from hotels, guesthouses, hostels, campsites to apartments. Being a city with a high number of tourist visits is better to have accommodation as soon as possible. We provide this website for those who prefer to choose another type of accommodation.

Those who want a more personalized service and comfortable accommodation, have at their disposal the following local travel agency. They have years of industry experience and will be happy to accommodate your needs. And thanks to a collaboration agreement with UNICON18 they have prices to suit different budgets.

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