There are two types of participants:

• Non – competitors

Those who register as competitors are entitled to participate in all the competitions they want and can use all the facilities of the Unicon City. They will also have insurance in case of accident.

Those who register as non-competitors are entitled to attend all the competitions of the Unicon as spectators and can use all the facilities of the Unicon City. They will also have insurance in case of accident.

Both competitors and non-competitors may participate in non-regulated activities of the Unicon, like workshops, video night, Unikids…

To participate in the Unicon18 it is mandatory to become a member of IUF (International Unicycling Federation), the cost is 15€ and is included in the registration fee.

The registration periods are as follows:

October 15, 2015 to December 15, 2015:

December 16, 2015 to March 15, 2016:

March 16, 2016 to June 15, 2016:

On June 15 registration will be closed

*If you want to cancel your registration for a justified reason, we will refund the following percentages in the following periods:

Early Registration (September 15th, 2015 – December 15th, 2015): 100% refund
Regular Registration (December 16th, 2015 – March 15th, 2016): 50% refund
Late Registration (March 16th, 2016 – June 15th, 2016): 30% refund
After June 15th, 2016: No refund

Please contact us by e-mail at if you want to cancel your registration.

What’s included in the registration fee:
1. Participation in all the disciplines you want (competitors)*
2. Access to all the facilities of the Unicon City.
3. Accident insurance.
4. Unicon18 T-shirt.
5. Participation in the final party.
6. IUF membership fee.

* Both the Freestyle and the Track Racing competitions have a high number of competitors; if we have too many participants in those events we may have the need to establish limitations by country.

The Unicon 18 will host an event dedicated to the younger riders, the “Uni-Kids”, and registration will be free for riders between 0-6 years of age. But if they need accommodations, t-shirts or tickets for the Muni bus they’ll have to pay for those separately, however it is essential to register them on the website.

From 0 to 6 years

-Registration for Competitor / Non Competitor: Free.

-Fill the registration on the website: Mandatory.

-Lodging, Shirt and Muni bus ticket: Must register and pay.