• Unicon18 Hockey

    Dear unicycle hockey players, Important information about the hockey tournaments at Unicon 18 is now available here: Please read it carefully! Also, please: 1) Check that your team and all team members are listed correctly in the attached files teamlist-a.pdf and teamlist-b.pdf. 2) I cannot promise anything but if your team has […]

  • Unicon18 Road Race II

    Road Races in facts: Schedule: The 10K race will take place on the 31st of July from 8:30 until 10:30 The 42K race will take place on the 7th of August from 8:00 until 14:00 Location: Start and finish will be in the street “Hermani Kalea” in front of the “Alderdi Eder Parkea” Categories: 10K […]

  • Newsletter 8

    More than 3 years ago this adventure started for us, and although it seemed that it would never come, it’s now just only over 3 weeks away! Here are some clarifications: ACCOMMODATION AT AMARA BERRI SCHOOL All participants staying at the Amara Berri School will have a bed. For that you will have to pay […]

  • Newsletter 7

    Hello everyone! We have finally completed all the details of the Muni Competition. It has been more costly than expected! The Basque Country is surrounded by mountains and spectacular places to practice Muni but due to the high number of participants in this modality for Unicon18 and a lack of “easy” access to the mountains, […]

  • Newsletter 6

    Hi everyone! Times fly! There is less than four months left for Unicon! These are the latest news: 1.- We now have the tracks for CrossCountry, Cyclocross and RoadRacing. 2.-  There has been a change on the 10km race that we will celebrate on 31 July, because of that we will have to change the […]

  • Newsletter 5

    Hi all! Less and less time is left for the big event!!! We are writing because the Unicon18 Organizing Committee has a concern about the lodging. We hope not to be repetitive but not booking accommodation on time can result in a problem in the summer because of tourism in the city. There are less […]

  • Newsletter 4

    Hello everyone, I am glad to herewith announce further details concerning the lodging at Unicon 18. Amara Berri College can host about 400 to 500 people and we have got the possibility of opening another part of the school if more sleeping places are needed. This school is only about 50 meters away from Unicon […]

  • Newsletter 3

    Hello everyone, The Unicon 18 will host an event dedicated to the younger riders, the “Uni-Kids”, and registration will be free for riders between 0-6 years of age. But if they need accommodations, t-shirts or tickets for the Muni bus they’ll have to pay for those separately, however it is essential to register them on […]

  • Newsletter 2

    Hi everyone! We want to remind everyone that there is only one month left to take advantage of the “early registration” period. After December 16 the registration price will be more expensive. We would also like to point out that Donostia is a very touristic city and in August it has a lot of visitors, […]

  • Newsletter 1

    Hello everybody! A few days ago we opened registrations for Unicon18 and from the Organizing Committee we would like to welcome everyone. We still have many things to complete, but we are working nonstop to prepare what we hope will be a wonderful event. In our initial proposal we set the objective of making a […]